Examples of consultancy and training in which McL+T specialise.


Project Appraisal and Risk Management

The Objectives of this course are to impart the knowledge and skills required to ensure as risk free as possible expenditure of that scarce resource cash - the investors', governments' or shareholders' money must not be squandered.

Also to demonstrate how the process of project and capital expenditure appraisal can be utilised to dramatically improve cost control and deliver as risk free as possible expenditure.


Cost Awareness - Reduction - Management & Control

Controlling costs is so much more than cutting costs - many costs should not be incurred in the first place! There will only be proper cost control when executives and managers live with concept of identifying business risk and likely cost overspend problems before commitment and designing them out of production and projects.

Whatever the area of cost management you wish to improve there are techniques backed up with case studies and practical checklists which can be applied immediately in your company - to improve your cost awareness, management and control.


Performance Measurement and Bench Marking

In any business there will be facts, numbers and ratios which indicate the performance of the business. The key is to identify the data which will drive better performance.


Balanced Scorecards

Financial indicators alone may not be considered adequate for managing the modern organisation.

Although not maybe in true balance consideration of matters other than finance is vital for success and risk mitigation.

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